Oc Summer Fair

We went to the OC Fair on a “We Care Wednesday”. Every Wednesday you can bring canned food, books and clothing for charity instead of paying for the cost of a ticket. What a great way to help others!  
Love the smell of funnel cakes… The fair is back!
 Funny story…So Dan and I were looking over the schedule and we saw an All Alaskan Tractor Pull listed in the farm area. We were both super excited. Hmmmm, these tractors must be huge! I wonder what amazing things they can do!? When got there, to our surprise, little kids were pulling tiny tricycle-tractors with weights in the back. Ha-ha, what a crack-up. Too cute.
Mmmmm. Getting hungry. We had to get one of these kabobs!
Chicken, squash, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
Ice cold lemonade
We stopped by my favorite stand. One of our friends happened to be managing it and insisted on giving us a free Cinnamon Roll! What a great guy! Fun fact…He said they sell about 2,000 rolls per day for about $5 each and the fair is 4 weeks long! Yikes that’s a whole lotta dough!!! ha-ha.
I should have studied the art of making cinnamon rolls in college.
We ate our delicious cinnamon roll and watched the Peking acrobats on the grass field.
Knott’s Berry Farm pie eating contest. Love the little guy on the left. They gave him a head start.
One of the winning cakes in the pastry competition.
Some great art in the state-wide art contest.
This is an oil painting of one of our favorite restaurants in San Francisco. The Swan Oyster Depot. What a small world!
Looks like a picture — nope oil paint! wowzaaa that is talent.
Dan and I had a great time.
Shanny had an extra ticket, so she invited me to see the Rodeo tonight! It was amazing! I will post some pictures when I get a chance.
and…Tomorrow, a group of us are driving to Malibu to see our friend’s band play at the INN. More pictures and fun stuff to come!

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