Weekend in Laguna and Newport Beach

Danny and I had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we moseyed around and spent the evening having dinner with our friends Monica and Evan. It was so nice to sit down, eat some great food and laugh with good people. By the way, Monica — you are a fabulous cook! The steak, potatoes, and berries with homemade whipped cream were phen-o-men-al!  You spoil us! On Sunday we spent our morning at 1,000 Step Beach in Laguna. It was such a wonderful day! Perfect weather for sun bathing and swimming! 1,000 Step Beach is a beautiful little cove; not easy to find. You can access the beach on 9th street. There is no specified parking lot, so find a spot along PCH or in the neighborhood close by. The entrance is a little gate at the end of the crosswalk on 9th street on PCH. The gate opens to a long staircase that will lead you to the beach. Trees and flower bushes have grown over the stairs, creating a green tunnel or as Danny likes to call them – urban barrels, ha-ha. Down at the far end of the beach there is a cave that you can explore during low tide. After Laguna, we drove back home to meet-up with Evan and Monica. They had invited us to join them for sailing in Newport’s harbor. Evan and our friend Taylor bought their boat for $300 at a boat auction a few weeks earlier and Dan and Ev had been working on it here and there to make sure it was sea worthy. Holy cow…a boat for $300! Sign me up! We may be planing to sail the boat to Catalina sometime this summer or fall. I think I’ll need a few more lessons before we embark on a 6 hour trip! After our fantastic evening sail. Danny and I walked over to David’s (who happens to live right next to the public dock — how convenient). David, Dan and I got some pizza from Pizza Peat’s and watched an episode of our latest obsession, Breaking Bad. We finished our night with a stroll to the end of the Newport pier to watch the late night fishermen and the full moon.
Here are some pictures from Laguna’s 1,000 Step beach and sailing in Newport. I’m so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.
 Gate to 1,000 Step

Urban Barrel

Cool little trolley designed to carry people from the main house to the beach house

Exploring the next cove

Driving back to Newport

Here they come!

Monica and Evan <3

The ferry and Fun Zone.

Monica, Me, Evan and Eddie.

Danny, Eddie and Thomas

Evan, Danny, Eddie and Taylor

On our way to get some Pizza Peat’s

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