A Summer Day

Awwww summer, how I have missed you. I had an amazing day at Old Man’s with a few of my best buds. Nothing is better than a hot day on the beach with a cold watermelon and smashball. Danny and the boys went surfing, while us ladies caught some rays (don’t worry, I lathered-up on my SPF 90+). It was truly a relaxing day. It’s beginning to feel a lot like….summer every where I go!
P.S. How do you like our classy Winnebago?
summer day
Mmmmmmm I love my watermelon!
Shan’s excited about the “food setting” on her new camera ha-ha. Thanks for the great pictures Shannie.
Danny, AJ and Ev
Trusty Rainbows. I live in these year round!
Bamboo showers, surf racks and BBQ’s!
This little kid was so cute. He ran over to me and wanted to make sure I was witnessing the huge waves he was running away from. “Excuse me…did you see that!? Did you see how big that was!?”
” I did! It was giant! You are SO brave!”
Our classy ride
After a beautiful day at the beach, we headed to Pedro’s for a bite to eat and then to Lavendar Lounge for some tea and choobee to go.

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