The Best Martini Ever! Key Lime Pie Martini

These are a huge hit whenever I make them for our parties! It’s creamy and tangy — definitely a dangerously tasty drink. It tastes exactly like key lime pie, no joke!
Key Lime Pie Martini
1.5 ounces Licor 43
1 ounce Key West Lime Juice
1 ounce half and half
½ cup whipped cream (from a canister)
½ ounce of Simple Syrup
crushed graham crackers
(Optional: Lime wedge for looks)
-Rim your martini glasses with fine graham cracker crumbs, and then put your glasses into the freezer for 30 min or more before drinks are made
-load a martini shaker ½ full of ice
-Add licor 43, key lime west juice, half and half and simple syrup into the shaker
– Add 3 rings of whipped cream from a canister into the shaker
-Shake well
-Pour into chilled martini glasses rimmed with Graham crackers
Licor 43, simple syrup and Key West Lime Juice can be found at BevMo. 
You’ll LOVE it!
Key Lime Pie Martini
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