Some of My Favorite Teas

I am a sucker for teas. Savoring a nice cup of tea is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the moment. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites! They will make your taste buds smile!


Today I made an wonderful cup of Vanilla Bean Tea. I mix mine with a little half & half and a spoonful of sugar. If I really want to get carried away, I’ll scrape 1/3 of a vanilla bean pod into a saucepan along with cream and sugar to simmer on medium heat for 5 min before adding it to my tea…to die for!
“Vanilla Bean black tea, a deep blend of black tea leaves with Madagascar vanilla, conjures up images of inhaling the heady aroma of wild vanilla as you hike the tropics near Mt. Maromakotro. A full-bodied and fruity cup, Vanilla Bean flavored black tea, a blend of Ceylon and China black teas, makes a deeply satisfying impression.  Enjoy the whole loose leaf flavor in the silken tea pouch, our twist on the gourmet tea bag.”

$9.95 for 15 pouches


This Tea is a definite crowd pleaser. Everyone I’ve ever made it for becomes an instant fan! So… if you are looking for a tea that will impress or to give as a perfect gift, this is it! I like to sip it and pretend I’m in Paris.

“Mike has enjoyed many a pot of tea at the famous Paris tea shops. In homage to Paris, he has created this blend reminiscent of one of the most popular blends in Paris. It is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot.”

20 Sachets in a tin
From our Classic Collection
Each sachet brews a 12oz cup of tea
Our 20ct tin of Paris is Kosher
$8.00 for 20 Sachets in a tin



This tea is great! I personally like it iced and mixed with Teavanas Bluberry Bliss Rooibos Tea. So fruity, you’d think you were drinking fresh juice! Love the taste, perfect for summer!

“Irresistibly fragrant strawberries infused with tart lemon slices creates a new twist on an old favorite! This wonderful herbal tisane is the delicious strawberry lemonade you’ve been waiting for. Great hot or iced, it also is a great choice for kids, since it is caffeine-free.”

Price reflects 2oz (25-30 teaspoons per 2oz)
Ohhhh my my, this is a special one. I have never been able to find a tea quite like this magnificent masterpiece! It’s spicy and sweet with a cool mint finish! No sugar or cream needed! Drink it plain – hot or cold. It will cost you a pretty penny but it’s worth EVERY cent!
 Care for the Earth as you care for yourself: our blend is 100% certified organic, and its soothing herbal infusion—naturally sweet, with licorice root and peppermint—steeps you in calm.”
no caffeine, sugar or added flavors
$26 for 4.9oz


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